Find, order, rate and share legal CBD Cannabis simple and fast.Explore all shops, brands and products with a THC content under 1%. Meanwhile you can rate, order and share your products with your community.

Shops and brands
Find, rate and order your products.
You can easily get to know shops and brands from home or on the go. New products, reviews and intelligent searches of your favorite products in your area will help you to always get the products you want.

Explore your area and new Shops.
With a simple localization the app will show you local stores and delivery-services. Even while you’re on the go, you can easily find the best product in your area. Through the intelligent filtering and search you can easily find your favorites.

Share your favorite products and get inspired.
You discovered the best CBD? Then share it with the community through a photo or video post and share it with others. Through likes and comments as well as the integrated search by the community, you will discover like-minded and new people. Browse and enjoy!

Your personal favorites and informations.
Your profile contains favorite stores, brands, and products so you can access them anytime, anywhere. They are all saves in your profile. You can also view and share your own posts at any time. You decide on your own settings such as push notifications and the public.

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